2017 Softball Handout

2017 Winhawk Softball
Play Hard, Have Fun, Work to Improve
Forms and Fees
All forms must be completed and returned to the athletic office before you are allowed to practice.  These forms include a current physical and the WAPS/MSHSL eligibility form.  A fee of $135 (or less if you have reached the cap) must be paid before the first game (April 4).
Your daughter must be at practice to improve as a softball player, and we are interested in athletes who wish to improve.  If she is to be absent from practice, please have your daughter contact one of us personally.  Do not send a message with another teammate.  Please leave a message if there is no answer. 
If your daughter is absent, and we have not heard anything from your daughter, she is considered to be unexcused and will not be allowed to play in the next game that she would have played in.
Updated schedules will be posted on the WSHS Softball Website. http://www.wshs.new.rschooltoday.com/page/3855
Updates will also be posted on Twitter:         @WinhawkSB
Athletes should be dressed appropriately for practice and ready to begin, with shoes on, at the designated time.
Inside:  Practice locations will include WMS and WSHS.
Outside:  Varsity/JV at WSHS/Dacota Street, C at ALC (with some exceptions)
Athletic Training
We have an excellent trainer here at Winona Area Public Schools.  If you believe you need to see the trainer, please let us know as soon as possible.
Mouthguards for ALL players are strongly encouraged.
Facemasks are strongly encouraged for all pitchers and corner infielders.
Athletes should provide their own water bottle.
It is against National Federation Rules to wear jewelry when competing in softball practice or games.
Cancellations due to weather will be announced over the intercom at the HS, posted on the WSHS softball website and posted on twitter.  If there is a snow day L or an early out due to weather, there will be no practice L.
Commitment is your ticket to be a member of the Winhawk Softball Program
Commitment to Softball
Commitment to your teammates
Commitment to be the very best you can be!
Academics are important, and we are interested in student athletes.  We periodically check in with teachers to see how individuals are doing.  Student-Athletes in the Winona Public Schools must maintain academic standards to be eligible to participate in athletics.
Lettering Policy
All athletes who are on the section roster will receive a varsity letter.  Coaches reserve the right to award a letter in special circumstances.
Game Day Information
Home games – Varsity at WSHS, JV at ALC, C at WMS.
Away games – Please check for location(s) on the district website, or big9.org ;
Please be aware that because of field conditions, last minute changes are sometimes made on location.
Softball is a team game, and we believe that it is important for athletes to be together following victories and losses.  Players may ride home with their parents after away games, but they must complete a release form and have it on file in the Athletic Office by 8AM on game day, or by Friday morning if the game is on Saturday.  (Form is located on school website.)  http://www.wshs.new.rschooltoday.com/page/3449/3025
We will stop and eat following most road games.  We would recommend an appropriate afternoon snack for before afternoon games.  Information on when/where we may stop following a game will be posted on the WSHS Softball Website.
Participation in Off Season Sports
We encourage all of our athletes to participate in a high school sport each season.
We also understand that there are many opportunities to augment these experiences.
It is our belief that the high school sport that you are currently participating in and have committed to should be given priority.
Program Philosophy
Varsity - Your ticket to be considered as a varsity athlete is commitment.  Commitment to the game of softball, commitment to your teammates, and a commitment to be the very best you can be.
Junior Varsity – Our primary focus at the junior varsity level is to help athletes make a seamless transition to the varsity level.  At this level, we are not as interested in wins and losses as we are in finding athletes who wish to be good teammates and work to improve as softball players.  Playing time will not be equal at this level. 
9th grade – Our primary focus at the C level is on individual and team skill development.  At this level, we are not as interested in wins and losses as we are interested in finding athletes who wish to be good teammates and work to improve as softball players.  Playing time will not be equal at this level.  All C team athletes who are in good standing academically and have exhibited appropriate work ethic and practice attendance will have opportunities to play throughout the season.
Our primary focus at all levels will be on continuous improvement.
The levels and team rosters will be development based on age, ability, specific position needs (not necessarily in that order) and where the coaching staff believes that we need to develop individuals.  There will be some players who will be regular JV players, but play some varsity.  There will be some players who are regular JV players but play some at the C level.
There is a process that you should follow if there are questions regarding Winona Senior High Softball, and we are the people that your questions should be directed to. 
 We are more than willing to be accessible to you regarding academic and athletic support for your daughter.  Playing time, however, has been addressed in the program philosophy above and discussions about why your daughter may not be playing as much as another will not happen.  The coaching staff will make the decisions on playing time.
Scott Halverson                                                                                    Mitch Grossell
Cell – 507-450-2450                                                                           507-429-9764
School – 507-494-1544 and voice mail                                           
Email       scott.halverson@winona.k12.mn.us                                Email       mlgrossell@yahoo.com     ;
Amber Mlynczak