Yearbook Staff and Editors
The yearbook is the students' and the school's personal history book. Under the direction of Yearbook Editors and the adviser, Yearbook Staff Members create a publication that reflects the events, memories and trends of their high school years. Students develop skills in photography, graphic arts, writing, collaboration and creative thinking. It is a unique class in that all students have different assignments while creating a unified publication. Along with assigned pages, students will be graded on assigned exercises and practice photography. Several double page spreads will be assigned. It is required that assigned pages, work that ultimately gets published, be completed for the student to pass the class. If a student has A work on the first assigned double page spread but does not complete second or third assigned page(s), they will not pass the class. Students will also be required to take pictures for their assigned pages and interview coaches and or advisers. This will require the student to spend quality time at events before and or after school and possibly on weekends. Assigned pages will more than likely be done by pairs of students. Both students do not get the same grade if there is a difference in the amount of time and effort each one has put into the assignment. Also pages will be graded as to quality and completeness.