Introduction to Art is a course that allows Winona Senior High School students to learn about the fundamentals of art, while offering them opportunities to explore art creation with a variety of art media. Please click on the blue links below to view student art works in each category. Enjoy!

*Artist release forms were signed by all students with artwork exhibited on Ms. Dahlen's site. 

Ceramic Sculptures
During instruction students learn ceramic handbuilding techniques and use learned information to create uniquely scuplted ceramic animals or imaginary creatures. Main areas of focus during instruction revolve around proper wedging of clay and building with pinch, slab, and coil methods. Proper clay building methods and construction are stressed in order to ensure successful works of art that will withstand the drying and kiln firing processes. Students then utilize color theory techniques to apply glaze or acrylic paint to their sculptures.

Students utilize artistic techniques learned in class in order to create realistic self-portraits. Main areas of study involve accurate facial feature placement and proportions, creating values, drawing with a grid, and fine detail techniques.