Below, teachers will find documents and weblinks discussed in staff development as well as resources for improving adolescent literacy in the content area classroom.
Textbook Readability and Student Reading Ability
Teachers may find it helpful to determine the reading level of text they use in their lessons as well as websites. This section contains information on how to use the Microsoft Word Readability Statistics tool as well as how to use Lexiles to determine readability level.
Reading in the Content Area
As teachers, we want students to be engaged in higher order thinking. Research based reading strategies enable our students to become more proficient readers and give them the tools to enhance the process of comprehension. You will find resources in this section to support the teaching of reading strategies in content area classrooms.
Common Core Standards
Teachers implementing the ELA Common Core Standards may find these links and resources helpful.
Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Social media and technology use by our students outside of the classroom is at a high level. It is time to integrate technology into our classrooms and engage our students in higher level thinking as we model what ethical and appropriate online interaction looks like. Technology is a wonderful way to differentiate classroom lessons as well. I will be adding links to this category as time allows.