What's Your Speech Personality?

Choose the listing that best describes you
You=ham...you make people laugh and love that kind of attention in front of groups
Serious About Acting
You can move an audience to feel “real stuff”…you can make a character believable and bring words on a page to life
You’re pretty vocal about how things are run in this society, how things “work”…you have opinions about social issues (racism? how Americans live? our money-motivated culture?) and you can express them in an intelligent way
You’re up on your current events…you read newspapers regularly and can intelligently discuss things that are going on in this world…you know how the presidential candidates stand on important issues and how candidates could change the course of US policy
College Student or Professional
You’re comfortable speaking in front of groups (or willing to become comfortable)…you have a professional presence and can stand up in front of an audience and hold its attention, maybe even with a pleasant sense of humor
Writer and Speaker
You not only like to speak/perform, you like to speak/perform the stuff you write yourself …you could write a sketch or a play and perform all the characters you create, you could write a good, interesting speech about a topic you research and present it well
Just Wanna Have Fun
You never quite grew up…but you can’t wait to have kids, just so you can tell them bedtime stories…you know, do all of the cool voices…the old kings, the magical frogs, the evil witches, the talking mirrors, all that stuff