The Categories
Creative Expression
Perform your own creative writing piece. Humorous or serious

Circle up with a group of peers to complete a task such as creating
guidelines for the FCC or writing a technology use policy for your school.

Duo Interpretation
The only category that allows you to work with a partner. Two
people present a humorous or serious piece from a play, book, or other literature.

Extemporaneous Reading
Choose to read prose or poetry from a book. You choose from the
list of pieces and have half an hour to prepare for presentation.

Extemporaneous Speaking
Choose from international or national current events. You will
respond to a question with a persuasive argument including citation of supporting evidence.

Great Speeches
Present your analysis of a speech that has significance nationally or globally.

Humorous Interpretation
Interpret a comedic piece of literature.

Informative Speaking
Present information on a topic that interests you. Includes the use of visual aids.

Original Oratory
A persuasive speech on a topic that interests you.

Serious Drama
Interpret a serious piece from a script.

Serious Poetry
Interpret a serious piece(s) of poetry.

Serious Prose
Interpret a serious piece from a book.

Learn a selection of 15 stories and retell them with your unique interpretation.