Athletes Responsibilities:

All athletes are expected to attend all scheduled weight training sessions. Maintain a positive attitude during lifting and running. Come to lifting every time with the attitude to make this workout the best ever. Stay focused. Make every lift the best you have ever done. Listen, pay attention and try to make all corrections. Treat others with courtesy and respect and be civil to all team mates.

We expect our athletes to be:
-Interested in learning
-Respectful of teammates and coaches
-Filled with positive enthusiasm
-Hard workers – working hard is a cornerstone of our program

Athlete’s Mission
-To become better every day
-To prepare myself each day for a successful practice or competition
-To learn something from mistakes and failures
-To understand my effort directly affects my team or individual success
-To set my sites on Conference, Regional and State Championship titles

During Training times - Our intent is to create a focused training environment in order to get the most out of every athlete. Distractions must be minimized during this time. Any distractions, inappropriate behavior, or any other actions that permits athletes from bettering themselves will be handled directly by the coach on duty at that time.

Contact: Todd Berner