The philosophy of the Winona Sr. High Strength and Conditioning is paramount to our daily approach to training athletes. All training programs are designed to increase an athlete’s strength, speed, agility, flexibility, conditioning, and explosiveness all important components in the developing a highly-skilled athlete.

In order build the best athletes possible, the training philosophy draws from several different methods.First, for power we will incorporate Olympic style lifts in order to increase the explosive power on the playing field. Second, we will incorporate core exercises to create an athletic balance needed for performance. Finally we will incorporate auxiliary exercises for the prevention of injuries on and off the playing field.

Speed development is important in our program. We believe every athlete will gain an ability to accelerate at levels better than the athletes we compete against. Each running session will include speed development drills, agility drills, and plyometric drills. The most important aspect of speed development is the athlete must work at maximal effort in each and every drill. Competitive drills and assigned times to complete the run or drill in are used to create maximal effort.

We want to use a variety of training methods because we are trying to develop athletes, not weightlifters or body builders. Championship athletes are not born they are created. The backbone of the strength and conditioning program at Winona Sr. High is for all athletes to pride themselves in their training and depend less of their talents.

Contact: Todd Berner