"Art is an idea. It is not enough to draw, paint, and sculpt. An artist should be able to think." Gurdon Woods

Artwork by Caleb S.
Check the links at this website to find out what is available to students in the visual arts world in and outside of the classroom. The WSHS Classes link to the left features all of the studio art classes with PowerPoint Presentations of course content and project examples.

The art staff at WSHS selects promising work performed in the classroom to be entered in art shows and competitions. We also invite all WSHS students to submit work for consideration. Since we have so many capable students an impartial judge narrows the selection of work for consideration in the majority of shows. 

Many parents and students have questions regarding career possibilities in the field of art. The Career Options in Art button to the left should be helpful if you would like to consider such possibilities.

Should you have questions regarding college and technical school offerings in the field of art select the College and Technical School Art Programs button.

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